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November 7, 1988


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    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Singapore's National Day 2011!

    This year, National day was warm (family wise), busy and as usual- full of fun!

    Working up to the date, Henrik and I brought my brother to this science talk sponsored by NUS and the Singapore science center "6 billion years". It was actually quite interesting....though I did see Ahmet taking a little nap in there (--,)

    Afterwards we took Ian to dinner at Hippopotamus! A little French chain as a prelude to Paris! They had pretty yummy steaks there!! Plus a choice of two different sides. I definitely want to go there again ;)

    NDP decorations on our walk after!


    We had a National Day BBQ with my family at Pandan Valley! I love bbqs and I think we should do it more often! Some of the family came over earlier to play basketball and swim. I prepared all the food including shrimp, stingray, meat patties, chicken wings, potatoes, sausages and more! phew! Aunty Helen made mini fruit tarts and cream puffs! YUM! It was really nice though, I think everyone had fun. At least I did!!

    preparing!drinks table!sneaky shot on the boys lol
    peek-a-boo nipple!master chef!
    daddy and momma!
    Double birthday month!!
    Happy birthday Sabrina and Daddy!!!


    SDP's National Day Partay!!! I was the co-MC again! :D It was fun! We had a good buffet, a good auction and generally a good time! There were a couple of Presidential candidates that came to give speeches which were interesting. If you missed your chance to buy tickets for this event, make sure you buy early for the next one! ;) *loves*

    singing patriotic songs lol


    On the actual National Day, we bought Wendy's and headed to Grace's office in the CBD area to watch the fireworks from the 40th floor! Amazing!!


    Other randoms: There was a girls night out with Pingy and Nichelle! We had Astons again! lol I guess we really like that place! three times within a week! Phew! lol But it was delicious! Good times :)

    grilled chicken! YUM

    *~*Keep reading to see future updates from my trip to France, Denmark and Sweden!! *Love!* *~*

    Love, your Toxic.